New Digital Agency Helps Influencers Build Their Empire


Dallas, Texas (March 24, 2017) – Co-founders Cristie Campo and Dave Gould are pleased to announce the launch of their new digital agency, Influencer Tools Creative Agency. With the launch of the new business, they have also launched their much anticipated new website.

Influencer Tools Creative Agency is a one-stop digital agency that develops top shelf marketing and branding products for entrepreneurs, business owners and game changing influencers. Cristie Campo says, “The mission of our agency is to build powerful platforms that empower the top influencers of today and beyond…We Build Empires.” The agency offers: marketing and branding services, graphic design, web development, video production, digital content, mobile app development, copy writing services, author services, business consulting and coaching and event production and promotion.

Their new website is more than just another website with information about the many best in class services that they provide. It is also a showcase of the talent that the team brings to their clients. Dave Gould says, “We wanted to show our future clients the level of quality and service that they can expect from Influencer Tools. Rather than tell you about what we can do, we will show you.”

Cristie Campo is a highly proficient web designer and graphic artist. Her creative eye and visual aesthetic is part of the Influencer Tools secret sauce. Dave Gould ‘s innovative thinking focuses on bringing progressive ideas and new business models to the world; ideas that are grounded in personal development through fresh and transformative frontiers and exploring those avenues like never before. Together they bring over 30 years of experience in design, production, business consulting and branding.

Influencer Tools creates “out of the box” branding solutions that are specifically tailored to their clients’ needs and removes the headaches associated with technology. They provide superior quality platform building and production tools. For more information, please visit their website (


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