Why is Influencer Marketing Important?
We’ve all heard the saying before:
“All other things being equal, people buy from people they know, like and trust.”
In general, that maxim may be true. However, if you’re in competition with someone who is using authority marketing strategies, you’ll find yourself at a huge disadvantage. In this specific case, all things are not equal.
Let me explain.
Let’s say you are deciding between using the services of one of two accountants to help minimize taxes for your small business.
Accountant A has been around for several years and you know him from a local marketing group. He seems to know his stuff and is a really nice guy.
Accountant B wrote a best-selling book on how to minimize taxes for a small business and, in addition, he is a regular contributor on the local news about changes in the tax law.
This now becomes a pretty clear choice for most people.
Is Accountant B necessarily smarter than Accountant A? Will he do a better job because of having written a book and doing the TV appearances?
Not at all.
But Accountant B will be able to command higher fees because of how he has positioned himself as an authority. He is now the “Go To” expert.
Charging higher fees is just one of the benefits of doing influencer and authority marketing.

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