How to Harness the Power of Messenger Bots for Better Customer Engagement


A social bot is a great piece of software functioning within a more common messaging app or service like Facebook Messenger. It is designed to simulate human dialogue through the use of instant text messaging, which is increasingly becoming the most widespread means of communication today.

A social bot works by interpreting text messages sent by people, and depending on the content, reply with the appropriate response, pre-formulated by the bot developer. In this way they can effectively handle all sorts of requests, from customer service inquiries to news updates.

In this book you will learn more about them, and find out more about how they can benefit your business.

Chapter 1: What are messenger bots?

Social bots are designed to handle human interaction with a view to automation of activities that would normally be handled by people, through text messaging. They achieve this through intent recognition, which is the ability to scan text, interpret the meaning and provide an appropriate response. Intent recognition can be achieved either by word pattern mapping (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), the use of algorithms (Multinomial Naïve Bayes algorithm) or through artificial neural networks, which is by far the most complex approach. Regardless of which method is used to develop them, social bots are able to understand the natural flow of human conversation with varying levels of accuracy.

In the last few years, social bots have been developed to serve a myriad of purposes. Thanks to the artificial intelligence solutions that come with machine learning, a lot of social bots today are able to carry out different kinds of activities. Depending on the type of value they provide to users, there exist varying types of social bots.

  • Social bots for business

Often referred to as transactional bots, these social bots are made with the goal of helping a business secure a transaction with a client. Conversations are not long and are focused only on user’s needs and a specific purpose.

For instance, a travel bot will give information on various available flights, tours, accommodation and so on. With this information you can book flights, make reservations at hotels, etc.

Customer service bots can take your order at any service provider platform, or even make a purchase at your request.

A scheduling social bot will help you organize your schedule by noting the information you input into it and setting reminders to help you remember all set engagements.

  • Social bots for entertainment

These social bots are designed with the goal of keeping the conversation with the user as long as possible.  The bot responses are designed to be “smart enough” to keep the user engaged, in turn getting them to text more to keep the chat going.

A good example of this is Skype’s social bot “Spock”, which lets you simply chat with the Star Trek’s USS Enterprise’s second in command and “learn the ways of Vulcan logic”. It keeps users engaged with funny texts, quotes and even pictures.

Microsoft’s Xiaoice is also another great social bot that has kept millions of people in China entertained for years. It is able to handle conversations on all sorts of topics, from simple chit chat to philosophical exchanges on a numerous subject matter. It currently has 20 million registered users and can carry out an average of 23 exchanges per chat session.

Who uses social bots?

Some businesses have been able to use social bots to great success in their respective fields.


This beauty product brand has been in business for decades. With the integration of social bots such as the Sephora Reservation Assistant and the Sephora Color Match, client engagement has increased significantly. The former allows clients to make appointments for make overs, while the latter social bot has helped thousands of ladies find the right shade of lipstick for their respective skin tones by simply uploading photos of themselves onto the messenger.


This massive floral gift retailer recently integrated a social bot for Facebook Messenger to resounding customer engagement. Through the social bot, clients are able to place orders for flowers, give instructions on delivery locations, and receive updates on the delivery process.


This unique Fintech startup social bot launched to widespread positive acclaim for its ability to help people keep track of their finances. It not only keeps track of a user’s ongoing subscriptions, but can also cancel said subscriptions upon the user’s request. To date it is able to give information on account transactions and account balances as well.

Chapter 2: What messenger bots can do for a business

Assimilation of social bots into a business can largely increase the level of consumer engagement with a combination of relevant content distribution and active communication with each specific client. Consumer engagement is achieved through

  • Building an audience

With proper social bot engagement, it is possible to build an audience from social platforms such as Facebook, WeChat and so on. This can be accomplished through targeted posts that lead a consumer to your product or service from a social media page.

  • Creating awareness

By nature, social media platforms are “sharing sites” and a social bot can help you raise awareness for a service or product through regular interaction.

  • Generation of leads

Ads on social platforms can be linked to messenger through social bots, to allow content delivery directly to an interested client’s inbox.

  • Generation of sales

Social bots designs allow for an intimate experience with well programmed responses that keep a potential consumer engaged long enough to conduct a sale.

Messenger bots allow you to achieve all four in a single platform, effectively scaling up the relevance of products or services to an audience with more confidence than has ever been experienced before. They achieve this in the following ways.

Driving lead conversions

In online retail, the generation of leads and lead conversions has been accomplished by the use of ads in various forms such as webpage ads and pop up ads. With the integration of social bots, businesses can increase consumer engagement with ads on a platform such as Facebook.

  • Messenger destination ads

With social bots, it is possible for a potential consumer to click on an ad they see on Facebook and have the details of the ad sent directly to their messenger. Under the website clicks objective, advertisers can use Facebook’s “call to action” buttons to link to messenger. The messenger then becomes the destination for news feed ads instead of an off-site landing page.

  • Facebook’s comment-to-messenger feature allows business people to build a subscriber list from users who simply leave a comment on an advertiser’s Facebook post. The comment is often just a simple word that when commented, triggers a messenger social bot conversation with the commenter which could lead to a series of follow up conversions that could turn become a lead.

Conducting sales “conversions”

To most consumers today, the options on how and where to spend money are limitless. Therefore sales pitches and tactics need to be convincing and engaging in order for businesses to make sales. Social bots today are able to communicate with consumers in a more engaging way, giving them the intimate feel similar to that of speaking with a sales agent.  They are able to do this with numerous clients at once on instant messaging platforms like Facebook, Kik or even WeChat, keeping the level of engagement high.

Content distribution

Once a subscriber base has been successfully built, social bots become convenient means of distributing content to each individual. This is especially advantageous where the subscriber base is large. Content distribution involves

  • Delivering the relevant content by separating leads into smaller brackets, a technique referred to as lead segmentation.

  • Tagging leads appropriately in order to increase engagement on your Facebook page, effectively making good use of social proof as a means of increased interaction with your subscriber base.

Validation of the relevance or usability of a product or service

Direct engagement with your subscribers and proper content distribution can help you evaluate the pertinence of the products or services that you are providing. Since communication is more direct with the use of social bots, it is easier to gauge client interest in your product or service.

What social bots bring to the table is specific intention which could previously be hard to achieve through human interaction. In the past, sales people would speak to prospective clients in the hope of convincing them to make a purchase through driving them through a sales funnel, with low conversion levels as a result. Even then it was never guaranteed that a potential client’s intention would be to even make the purchase at all. With social bots however, it is clear that a person’s intention is to purchase a product, since they have connected with the social bot themselves.

Chapter 3: Social Botz: The next step in unique message bot creation.

When it comes to harnessing the potential of messenger bots to help you grow your business, Social Botz is one of the few services that guarantee widespread success. Our team has also gone a step ahead to help you grow your business more by offering our help with proven strategies that help you to generate leads that convert.

What Social Botz can do for you

• The hardworking team of experts at Social Botz aims to deliver a customized and successful approach to business growth for its clients. Through learning directly from them about their business and marketing strategies, these professionals will then proceed to assist their clients in the creation and implementation of a winning business strategy.

• The Hallmark of a true messenger bot creation service is its ability to deliver in an efficient and time saving manner. The team at Social Botz works tirelessly to set up messenger bots for clients in the shortest time possible, while also contributing to the growth strategies for their businesses, saving their clients the time it would take to do so.

• Most messenger bot creation platforms can become costly, requiring either software purchases or regular subscription payments. Social Botz does not present its clients with such high paywalls, instead offering them valuable services at a fraction of the price. Clients can make use of the tools and services Social Botz offers effectively, even without having prior knowledge on how to code with any bot creation software.

On Social Botz you can create your very own smart social bot and develop it to connect with users effectively for your business. With our services you can design a social bot suited to your business’ specific needs and grow your subscriber base even more with a wider, more intimate approach to customer communication.


Social bots are the future of communication for most businesses, and text messaging will continue to become the preferred mode of communication for years to come.  Social bots will save you time, money and manpower in growing your customer base and providing them with the proper service or product that they require, with the personal feel that they have been designed to convey.

Social Botz will help you bring your business to the next level with a team of professionals that will help you deploy your bot successfully, and generate quality leads with a high rate of conversion.

If you are interested to implement Social Botz for your business, please reach out to us at: info@socialbotz.com

About the founders:

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