Does your website need a shave and a haircut?


Everybody knows how good it feels to get a new haircut….men love it… ladies love it… Kids love it and yes… even websites love it. There is something that just makes you feel awesome about getting the hairs in order, tightening up the lines and getting a little bit more style. We all know that fresh cut feeling. It empowers you to go out into the world and take hold of… the confidence you need to succeed.

So how about your website? Is it exuding the confidence of your brand? Does it stand out in the crowd? Do your sales and offers convert? Do your visitors engage with your content?

Or is it looking a little shabby, faded or lacking current technologies to help your business run smoother and more efficient?

The Science of the Mind –

Did you know that there is a neuro-science to marketing? That people make quick judgments and decisions about a brand based on the look, feel and experience? Websites are critical to you for to get your information and awesomeness,  ideas and products to the world. Your site needs to express your unique value proposition in a way that your audience can relate too.

The truth is that a poorly designed or an outdated website can hurt your business. We all know what is hip and fresh and your potential customers do too. They are looking for the polish and excitement of success that your competitors and other brands have. You might call this superficial? Yea… well, it is, and your platform needs to look great…because the ‘“other guy’s” is looking amazing.


We understand all this can be a lot of work…staying ahead of the curve and trends… your website looked great a few years ago, but now it’s just a little stale, that’s ok, we’ve got your back. It’s what we do.

Our spring cleaning website refresh promotion is designed to give your website a fresh ‘shave and haircut’, a new look without having to build out an entirely new website. Add a few whistles here, some moving parts there, great new image ( we have a beyond HUGE library of licensed content), and problem solved!

You don’t throw away your car when it’s starting to look a little shabby or just needs an oil change, right?… a quick car wash or even a paint job and voila, a nearly new car!

Let’s get started! We love what we do, and that helps our clients build powerful platforms.

4 Refresh Plans
Now through March 31st we offering 4 levels of refresh and re-design to breath new life into your website.
Integrations and Automation
Web Push Notifications
Social Integrations Plugin
Optin Conversions Plugin
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel Integration
Email List Integrations
Re-Design and Refresh
Animated Header Sliders
Image and Graphics Overhaul
Color Injection and Styling
Font and CSS Refresh
Slide In Banners
Customized Optin Container
Total Refresh
Frontend and BackEnd
Complete Refresh
• ALL BACKEND Features
Ulitmate with Video
Complete Refresh With Video
• ALL BACKEND Features
Your Choice of Video Add-on:
60 Sec. Explainer
Video Testimonial Widget
My Avtarr Video Plugin
Logo 3D Animation
Custom Website Builds available.

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